Sunday, July 11, 2010

It Could Happen to YOU...

Life was good. I was traveling with my son and family around the Great Lakes - soaking up Niagara Falls, crusing around these magnificent bodies of water. Enjoying time with my family.

I even left my computer at home, taking a break from Internet, Facebook, and my blog. While I was away, however, I began receiving strange calls on my cell phone. Concerned friends asked if I was OK, if I needed money! What was that all about?

I soon discovered that I'd become a victim of a criminal cyber attack. Some creep had hacked into my Yahoo and Facebook accounts, sending blanket emails to all my friends and contacts (including other writers, business associates, agents I was trying to impress!) This imposter sent these emails under my name and Internet account! I was supposedly in the United Kingdom where I'd been robbed, at gun point yet, and had no money to return home! The creep pleaded for my friends and contacts to wire money to the UK!

No, I never thought it could happen to me. How embarassing! I've since changed my password to something very complicated that nobody will ever figure out! The creep left a few clues, however, which I've reported to Yahoo's fraud division. Hopefully, they will catch him/her soon.

In the meantime, please beware. There are many similar attacks and money transfer schemes circling the Internet. Change your password and security questions frequently. Check your settings to be sure a strange alternate contact email address or phone number has not been added by a hacker.

I'm slowly regaining access to my accounts - a long and tedious process, but have lost all email contacts.

Stay tuned and stay in touch...but please,DO NOT SEND MONEY!!

Janet Kay