Thursday, March 1, 2012

Living the Dream...

Are you living the dream, your own personal dream? Or has life gotten so busy that you've forgotten how to dream? Do you even remember those special dreams you once had for your life?

I recently read an article in the Galveston, Texas daily newspaper by Dr. Victor S. Sierpina, Professor of Integrative Medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch. The title - "Living the dream - the secret to true health, vitality."

According to Dr. Sierpina, "Finding and living our unique dream is what brings true health, energy, vitality and creativity to our lives no matter our age." He goes on to note that he is astounded by the many creative artists he's met over the years who live to ripe old ages. They are productive, creative, expressing their soul nature.

"To thrive, not just survive," Sierpina writes, "requires having purpose and meaning in life as Viktor Frankl taught in his classic book, Man's Search for Meaning."

His words were both a wake-up call and confirmation that perhaps I was finally doing something right! I was following my lifelong dream, one that I'd put on hold for far too long. My dream is and always has been, to become an author. Now I am one! My debut novel, "Waters of the Dancing Sky," is doing well, and I'm hard at work on "Amelia 1868" with several other novels coming to life in the recesses of my creative mind.

We don't live forever. Maybe it's time for us all to rediscover or create new dreams. Dreams allow us to express our creativity in unique ways. And creativity, I think, seems to hold the key to happiness and perhaps - longevity.

With your dreams firmly implanted in your mind, it's time to start living those dreams. You may need to take one baby step at a time, due to other commitments. But you can do it! And your life will be richer in many ways.

As for me, I'm "living the dream" and plan to do so for many years to come!

Please stay tuned and stay in touch.

Janet Kay