Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I May Be a Wimp...BUT I still wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

A traditional White Christmas does not seem to be falling upon Galveston Island, Texas where I'm spending part of my winter.I still wear shorts and go barefoot in the sand as I hike beside the Gulf of Mexico,collecting sea shells. I've hung my Christmas ornaments on an artificial palm tree in the living room of my condo. I awaken each morning to spectacular sunrises over the ocean. In the evening, I relax,with a glass of red wine,on my western balcony as I witness some of the most incredible sunsets that I've ever seen.

Life is good...long walks beside the ocean,time to reflect and to explore the rich historical heritage of this amazing island... much of which will be included in one of my future novels.

Still,looking back...wasn't I the one who recently elaborated upon the splendors of a good old Midwestern winter? Yup...that was me... before I immigrated to the south. Before the water pipes in my Wisconsin home burst at the seams and my furnace went out during one of our good old-fashioned snowstorms...

It's difficult, sometimes, to get into the Christmas spirit on this paradise island... I'm used to frigid winters, being buried in snow drifts. How can it possibly be time for Christmas??

Christmas, this year, will be a tad bit different. What remains unchanged is the love of family and friends, wherever they may be. I'm blessed to have both Shannon's and Sherry's families celebrating down here with me. I will miss Shane's family, and my best friend,Len... but want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Stay tuned and please stay in touch!

Janet Kay


  1. I'm so glad you are enjoying life to the fullest. I do miss you and can't wait till Blessings ...OOxx

  2. One year I hung our Christmas ornaments on a lemon tree grown from a seed(planted 1990). The tree is up to our ceiling and climbing...(No lemons on it yet, but rub the leaves and smells like Lemon Pledge).