Friday, January 4, 2013

A Winter's Night

As I gaze out my window upon this scene of snow-laden solitude, I cannot help but reflect upon the New Year and the endless possibilities it offers us all. To tap into those possibilities, it sometimes helps to retreat into the solitude that this season offers. It's a time to hibernate, perhaps. To reflect upon the meaning of life. To create your own "bucket list" of dreams you hope to fulfill yet in this lifetime.

In the spirit of this season of solitude, I'd like to share with you all a poem I've written:

A Winter's Night

Be still, my soul,
and sleep deep...
beneath shivering sheets of ice
silencing the synergy of the sea.

Be still...
snuggled softly in
snowy blankets of white
swirling slowly into obscurity.

Be still and sleep deep...
cradled gently in the shimmering light
of a silver moon
casting shadows
upon a long winter's night.

Be still...
until reflections
of love, of hope, of eternity
give birth once more
to springtimes of new beginnings,
new hopes, new dreams.

Be still... till then we meet.

Happy New Year to you all!

Stay tuned and please stay in touch.

Janet Kay


  1. Your blog post has inspired me to make my own bucket list. Am I too young to make a bucket list? I suppose one is never too young, are they? :)

    1. I agree, Chuck. You are never too young to make a bucket list! You may need another 50 or more years to accomplish and do all that you want to do in this lifetime! :)