Saturday, April 24, 2010

On the Road Again...

My SUV is packed to the brim. Barely found enough room for me to wiggle into the driver's seat to begin my 1,500 mile trek back to Northwest Wisconsin from my winter stomping grounds in Western Montana.

It's always sad to say good-bye to Montana family and friends...but it's also good to get back to my family and friends in the Midwest. Today's drive through Montana was spectacular as always - driving through lush valleys filled with ranches and meandering rivers, surrounded by velvet green gently rolling hills that are framed by snow-capped mountain peaks piercing the endless blue sky. Climbing up into the sky, winding through steep mountain passes.I'm always in awe of the massive boulders that are perched precariously on top of each other, changing color as the day ends.

On the way, I stop to take more photos of the remnants of old log cabins - windowless, moss-covered roofs caving in. My writer's mind can't help but wonder about the pioneers who once lived there, what their lives were like. As always, I try to absorb these impressions, knowing that they may well show up in one of my future novels.

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