Monday, August 9, 2010

Retreating into the world of nature

Sigurd Olson, the renowned environmentalist and lover of nature once wrote,"If we can somehow retain places where we can always sense the mystery of the unknown,our lives will be richer." I wholeheartedly agree!

I was fortunate to spend a week recently on a remote wilderness island of Rainy Lake along the Minnesota/Ontario international border...the place where my novel,"Waters of the Dancing Sky,"is set. I spent the week with 9 of my St. Croix Writer's friends - sharing evening meals and campfires, taking cool dips in the lake, participating in workshops together. During the day, we worked on our individual writing projects,roamed around the island picking blueberries, absorbing the nature and the history of this magical place.

Here,far from home, we reatreated into a world of the past. As I sat on my rustic deck late at night, immersed in the call of the loons and a full moon glistening across rippling waters, I slipped back into the days when Ernest Oberholtzer lived this house. I felt his presence, his love of nature, his dedication to preserving this part of the wilderness for us all.

Somehow, nature soothes - and releases creative forces bubbling deep within us all. Now and then, we need to retreat into the world of nature, taking time to balance our lives and renew our energy. We need to rediscover the mystery of unknown places.

Stay tuned and please stay in touch!

Janet Kay

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  1. it sure was a great time...sure answered a lot for me, spritually...don't know how or what to do with it all as yet.
    See you tomorrow!