Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer's End...

The last sultry days of summer are slipping silently into the mist of early autumn mornings. Intricate spider webs hang precariously from twisted branches of gnarled old oaks. Subtle shades of sun-drenched red and gold begin to emerge along winding country roads.

Tonight I sit alone on my deck overlooking Whitefish Lake as waves crash beneath me. As shadows slip into an endless lake. As wild winds penetrate the pitch of night. Tonight there is no moon. There are no stars. All I can see is black leaves rustling and swaying to the rhythm of the night, dipping and dancing against a blackened sky that seems to threaten the world below.

I wait - as winds begin to howl, as thunder booms across the universe, as jagged spikes of white lightning sizzle across my lake. It's time to retreat into the safety of my home, I think, as the heavens unleash a downpour of icy rain.

As I slam my windows shut against the fickle whims of nature, I ponder the seasons of life that provide balance in our lives, that inspire us to write, to create, and to dream. I long to fling these windows wide open,to let the creative juices flow in again. And I know that they will, when the time is right...

Stay tuned, and please stay in touch!

Janet Kay


  1. yup...the time has come...this, my favorite time of year...the warm sun straining through the cool breeze...LOVE this time of year...see you tomorrow

  2. Each season has a meaning on life in my opinion. Spring offers new growth and summer enhances. Fall reminds us/me of age. Winter is surely not death. Its the start of a new beginning. Fall and winter are my favorites. I feel very fortunate to live in NW Wisconsin to experience all four seasons in the manner they were meant to be. Being stuck in a southern state and to have "cold" be fifty degrees is far away from the true experience we can relate to up here. I love living where we do. We're fortunate to see stars. Folks that live in the city rarely get that privilege because of the lights. Living in Tulsa for a short time cured me of that. The sad thing is that they have no idea what a night sky should look like. (At least some). To steal a qoute, "Thank God I'm a country boy"! Okay Jan, you got the soft side of me. Back to politics here! Ha Ha. BTW, thanks for raising great kids.

  3. Love this entry....It says sooooooooo much....Thank you for writing such wonderful things....

    Wishing you a great trip many blessings...

  4. Thank you all for your great comments! Rick, you're right... we all need to step back from time to time to count our blessings up here in the northwoods of Wisconsin... then, we drift back to politics and all the other things that consume our to you all!